- Journal of an Oxymoron -

I'm not good or real... I'm evil, and imaginary.

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30 rock, africa, alicia keys, ally mcbeal, anna netrebko, art, baroque opera, books, buddhism, california, cate blanchett, cello, chocolate, cinema, classical music, coffee, coffee houses, dancing like nobody's watching, david lynch, development studies, dogville, elina garanca, english literature, esotsm, eternal sunshine, feist, foreign films, gilmore girls, gounod, gustav mahler, himym, history, ildebrando d'arcangelo, indian food, international development, journeys, joyce didonato, julianne moore, kate winslet, kenya, la traviata, languages, late night conversations, late nights, lauren graham, libraries, literature, london, los angeles, massenet, meryl streep, mexican food, moulin rouge, movies, mozart, mrs dalloway, mulholland drive, music, musikverein, naomi watts, natalie dessay, new york city, nicole kidman, opera, oscar wilde, photography, photoshop, piano, poetry, political science, politics, r&b, r.e.m., reading, rolando villazón, sacramento, sarah mclachlan, shakespeare, social experiments, solitude, spring, strangeness, sun, sushi, swahili, the hours, the life aquatic, thinking, third watch, tina fey's palin impersonations, tori amos, traveling, verdi, vienna, virginia woolf, wiener staatsoper, will & grace, writing, zeruya shalev
--- you can waste your life drawing lines. or you can live your life crossing them ---